Cell cytometry

The Serendipity Workshop 2020

The Serendipity Workshop 2020 will be held entirely on Twitter. Although the format is different from typical research conferences, we hope that participants can take advantage of the interconnected nature of the platform to grow their professional networks, find potential collaborators, and actively participate in global discussion. The workshop consists of four main components:

  • Keynote talks
  • Poster presentations
  • Hashtags
  • Awards

Twitter Workshop

Platform Features

This workshop will be entirely Twitter-based. Here are some key features of the platform:

  • Twitter is a 'microblogging' system where you can send and receive short posts, called 'tweets'.
  • Tweets can be up to 280 characters long and can include images, GIFs, and hyperlinks.
  • Twitter users follow other users. If you follow someone you can see their tweets in your twitter 'timeline'.
  • You can create your own tweets, or you can retweet information that has been tweeted by others. In either case, your followers will see your posts. This means information can be shared quickly and efficiently with a large number of people.

Twitter Guidelines

To get the most out of this workshop, we recommend following these tips when engaging on Twitter:

  • When you tweet an image, add a corresponding description.
  • Use hashtags with your posts! This will make it easier for others to find tweets related to their topics of interest. For example, fans of Raman spectroscopy can search for posts with the '#SW_RamanSpec' topic hashtag. You can use as many topics as you want! A list of hashtags is shown on the right. Note that hashtags are not case sensitive.
  • If you are presenting, use hashtags to categorize your posts. For example, if you present a poster, use ‘#SerendipityPoster’. For keynote talks, use ‘#SerendipityKeynote’. Finally, if you are presenting, also include your institution and keynote/poster title in your descriptions.
  • We recommend using your real name on Twitter to maximize networking.
  • Interact with other attendees by liking tweets (by clicking on the heart), retweeting someone else’s post to increase its reach (you do this by clicking on the arrows that go around in a cycle), or retweeting and adding a comment (this is called 'quote re-tweeting'). Reply to tweets by others and engage in a conversation!

Handles and Hashtags


  • @SerendipityWrk (Workshop official account)

Category Hashtags

  • #SerendipityPoster (Poster presentation)
  • #SerendipityKeynote (Keynote talk)

Topic Hashtags

  • #SW_CellBiology (Cell biology)
  • #SW_FlowCytometry (Flow cytometry)
  • #SW_Microfluidics (Microfluidics)
  • #SW_Fluorescence (Fluorescence)
  • #SW_MassSpec (Mass spectroscopy)
  • #SW_DeepLearning (Deep learning)
  • #SW_RamanSpec (Raman spectroscopy)
  • #SW_Microbiology (Microbiology)
  • #SW_Immunology (Immunology)
  • #SW_SingleCell (Single-cell analysis)

Workshop Organization Committee

Julia Gala de Pablo
Workshop Chair
Dan Yuan
Workshop Co-Chair
Shiyang Tang
Workshop Co-Chair
Keisuke Goda
Workshop Advisor
Akihiro Isozaki
Workshop Co-Advisor
Matthew Lindley
Program Chair
Ryo Kinegawa
Program Committee Member
Jeffrey Harmon
Program Committee Member
Chenqi Zang
Program Committee Member
Yuta Nakagawa
Finance Chair
Hiroki Matsumura
Poster Award Chair
Yi Wang
Poster Award Committee Member
Hiromi Miwa
Poster Award Committee Member
Walker Peterson
Publicity Chair
Phillip Charles McCann
Publicity Co-Chair
Mika Hayashi
Publicity Co-Chair
Tatsuya Tajima
Publicity Co-Chair

Session Chairs

Shinsuke Ohnuki
A Time Zones Session Chair
Kang-Hee Seol
A Time Zones Session Chair
Hector Muñoz
B Time Zones Session Chair
Ehsen Tayyabi
B Time Zones Session Chair